devin-1Hello, I am Devin! This is my site, the purpose of this site is to basically show off what I can do, offer my services to you, and of course a way for me to share my thoughts. I was born and raised in Terrace, B.C. and moved to Vancouver for awhile to attend BCIT where I got my Diploma of Technology in Broadcast Media Communications, but that is really just the piece of paper that I needed to get a job. I’ve been producing audio for probably about 8 years now, working with html for 10+ years and also designing basic graphics from my grade school days with ‘kid pix.’  All of these things were just hobbies for me, and I never really took it into consideration that I could make money off of doing this kind of stuff. Out of everything that I could do, I decided to pursue the radio option, although I wasn’t very keen on being on air. I graduated from BCIT, and was lucky enough to get a job in my home town with Astral Media (Now Bell Media) as a Master Control Operator. This is where I learned some basic video editing skills and realized that this is another skill that I could be interested in. I was then approached by CFNR to be their Multimedia Coordinator. I managed Social Media, the website, imaging production as well as some other duties, including live video streaming and video production. I left CFNR after CityWest Approached me to become their Community Channel Manager.  I now manage community television in Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert.


Since this blog is both professional and personal I will also talk about who I am, and what I enjoy doing in my spare time. First things first I am gay, and to tie my personal life into my professional life I am developing a gay story telling podcast called ‘My Gay Life’ this podcast features real life stories of people in real life situations in their gay lifestyles.
Besides being a computer geek I am also a musical geek. I play the bagpipes, a little bit of sax and a little bit of piano. I unfortunately don’t have all that much time for this anymore and that is quite unfortunate.