An Interview with a Legend

Trevor Jang, the old host of Journeys sat down with the Skidegate Intermediate’s coach Desi Collinson for an interview.


Behind The Camera at the All Native Basketball Tournament

This is my second ANBT heading up the video aspect of CFNRs broadcast. This year I had a bit more of a grasp on what I was doing. But of course there were issues that arouse. The first issue was I was down a staff member as one of the people from the original team wasn’t able to make it. This was acceptable as the plan was to rotate an extra person out so ¬†someone always got a break.

Of course the biggest problems are the technical issues. In the beginning the main issue was with the internet connection that was going into the gym, but after a few days, that got fixed. I am starting to see a trend of how things work at that ANBT, the first two days can be written off due to problems that arise, but after that it gets a lot easier and things start to go a lot smoother.

We tried to have the green screen this year to do on camera interviews, but due to the flicker of the lights in the gym, that made it impossible, however, we decided to just put up a black sheet as a backdrop, this also sucked, so now we turned the set around and have live basketball in the background. This works.

We still have the people that do complain about the quality of the broadcast, but there isn’t too much that we can do abut that due to connection speeds, ans being able to serve all connection types. Each year can only get better and better!


TBT: BCIT News Read

Here is a practice news read I did at BCIT a few years ago. I’d say that my voice was better back then, I suppose that is because I haven’t been practicing as much as I did back then, perhaps some voice lessons will be in order soon!